Create an industrial grade wireless infrastructure

The Anybus network infrastructure products makes sure you have a robust and reliable backbone to give you the most of your industrial wireless applications.




Provide your network with industrial grade Wireless routing

The Anybus Wireless Routers are ideal to provide your industry with high-speed WLAN or LTE connectivity. Advanced routing functionality allows you to segment your network and protect mission critical data. An extensive range of redundancy technologies ensures uninterrupted operations. 

Anybus Wireless Router WLAN

Switches for ultra fast and reliable networking


The intelligent Anybus Switches provide full Gigabit and ultra-high throughput. Multiple redundancy and cyber security features enables you to build a highly reliable and secure network. 

Create a WLAN infrastructure with Anybus Access Points


The Anybus Wireless LAN Access Points allows you to set up an industrial wireless infrastructure by acting as an access point for many Wireless LAN Clients. It comes in two different versions, one for IP30 (indoor) applications and one for IP67 (outdoor and water resistant). Both have the same characteristics in range and functionality.



Supply your products with power through the Ethernet cable